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Jeanne Rotter

Jeanne Rotter, Founding Board Member, Vice President

"I am married and have a high school son. When my son, Robert, started kindergarten we were very privileged to have Mr. Dave St. John as one of his teachers. Mr. Dave, as he was known, ran our son’s after-school and summer-school programs. Mr. Dave was an amazing program director, mentor, roll-model and friend. He was one of those people that you feel honored to know. He was a great model of honesty, discipline, religious belief, and good virtues. We were truly blessed to have our child in such a great program and to become friends with Mr. Dave and his family. Unfortunately, Mr. Dave was diagnosed with bone marrow failure disease and too quickly lost his battle with this disease. Because of the importance of Mr. Dave and his wife, Barb, in our lives, I am learning more about this disease. I am working with this great group of people to help raise awareness, and hopefully to assist other families dealing with bone marrow failure disease. Mr. Dave died too young. I would like to honor his life and values, by working with Barb, who is such a wonderful, dedicated person, to help make a positive difference for others." ~ Jeanne

Staci Rieder

Staci Rieder, Founding Board Member, Marrow Donor Drive Coordinator

"I joined the board to facilitate my mission of hosting bone marrow drives regularly and getting the word out about the need for registrants. In 2003, my husband and I adopted our son, Antonio, from Guatemala. We met many other families in the process, one of whom was adopting Mateo, who is 1 day younger than Antonio. In 2009, I learned that Mateo had leukemia. I wanted to help the family, so I started learning all I could about how to host bone marrow drives. I intended to use Mateo's story to attract potential donors to her first drive. Just 6 weeks after I had begun researching and speaking with Blood Center of Wisconsin, Antonio was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia. My mission became even more urgent, as I realized my son would likely need a bone marrow transplant to survive. Antonio received his transplant in December 2010, thanks to the Be The Match database. Now my goal is simple: to give back to the registry that saved Antonio's life." ~ Staci

Debbie Simon

Debbie Simon, Founding Board Member, Event Specialist

"Aplastic anemia was something that I had never heard of. But when Barb told me that Dave had it, I jumped into research mode. My Mom had passed away on May 2, 2005 at age 60 from a rare blood disease called TTP (Thrombosis Thrombocytopenia Purpura). The need to help in some way took over. I could not look at these two people whose love was so real and rare and imagine anything but a cure. Sadly that was not to be. But out of such tragedy, we have started on a journey together (his family, friends and community) to find answers for the next person. We have a mission, in his memory, to help others. Dave was a perfect example of a glass half full, live, love, laugh kind of guy. I feel so blessed to have known him!" ~ Debbie

Ken Hoffman

Ken Hoffman, Board Member, Power of Attorney

Ken is a Certified Public Accountant with over 20 years of experience. Mr. Hoffman is passionate about helping others to the best of his abilities, having started volunteering in his teens by coaching youth baseball, and continuing to help others throughout his life. Ken is active in several volunteer organizations. He is a Wisconsin native.

Sharon Hunt

Sharon Hunt, Founding Board Member

"A Wisconsin native, my passion is to make enormous strides in research, support, education and treatment of today’s and future patients diagnosed with MDS and Aplastic Anemia. I am involved with Mr. Dave's Gift, Inc. in memory of my hero and my father – Robert Gust. In February of 2014 during a routine physical exam, Robert was diagnosed with Myelodysplasia Syndromes (MDS). Our family was completely shocked by this news given that my father seemed to be in excellent health - continuing to farm at the age of 81. We had never heard of MDS, what it was caused by, symptoms, or warning signs. We were told that without any treatment, it would be less than the end of the year. My father fought a courage battle with chemo, platelet and blood transfusions. He was able to plant his crops in the spring and harvest them in the fall. Robert passed away on November 11, 2014. With your help we can make a difference to cure Aplastic Anemia, MDS and other blood diseases. Thank you in advance for supporting this cause. ~ Sharon

Barbara St John

Barbara St John, President, Founder

When Dave's diagnosis of Aplastic Anemia was given, we were blindsided. We never heard of it, what caused it, how to treat it and most importantly, how to cure it. We were scared as we faced each day with more questions than we had the day before. Dave’s answers didn’t come in time. He passed away on May 2, 2014. No man has ever gone to so much trouble and effort to make sure I was taken care of, to make sure I had what I needed, to make sure I knew how special and loved I was. He always said he had my back no matter what. This was his promise to me he would tell me. My forever promise to him is to honor his memory and spirit. My commitment to others is to turn the grief of his loss into action and provide awareness, funding, help, hope, and better understanding to families affected by bone marrow failure disease. ~ Barb

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